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             Sophia Oltmanns



           Circus artist. Juggler. Performer.


Originally born in Bonn, Germany she discovered

her passion for circus, juggling and performing at a young age.
The decision to turn her passion into a profession came with her application at “Academy for Circus and Performing Arts Codarts” (Rotterdam, Netherlands).
She graduated 2018 with a Bachelor of Circus and Performing Arts.

Her main discipline is (club) juggling which she combines with her own dance and movement research.
On stage she shows a broad repertoire combining technical skills with a dance, music, acrobatic and theater education.
Her biggest fascination though lies within the combination between different disciplines and art forms.
During the years she worked with aerialists, acrobats, dancers, musicians and actors and researched possible combinations with her juggling style.

By now she has been performing on all kind of stages and venues around Europe.

At the side she teaches workshops and works as a circus instructor for children and youth circuses.

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