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"Mucirque" - The act

Artists:                Sophia Oltmanns, Juliano Abramovay

Concept:            Sophia Oltmanns

Music:                Juliano Abramovay

Duration:            ca. 9 min

Audience:          All age, all audience. Family-friendly.                                 Especially interesting for music and                                   circus audience.


In a playful way the two artists Sophia Oltmanns (Juggling and circus) and Juliano Abramovay (Guitar) research the combination between juggling and guitar music.

The outcome is a powerful journey of push and pull, sensitive humor and little games.

The artists combine their own high level skills with new and innovative research in which they challenge the boundaries between their disciplines as well as each other.

An act full of surprises; for the audience - and the artists.

Perfect for Gala- or other stage shows, or just as a little pop-up act for any kind of venue and occasion.

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